AO 2018 Heats Up In More Ways Than One

Jan 20, 2018

The first week of the 2018 Australian Open is now almost behind us and the main talking point, apart from the sizzling number of matches being played, has been the extremely hot weather conditions and how it has affected certain players, some of the match days in week one reached close to 40 degrees centigrade and the on court temperature was being reported as somewhere in the 60′s at times, that immediately poses the question for the Melbourne Park tennis administrators of whether to consider reducing their heat policy in the coming years.

A number of good players suffered in the brutal conditions and it would have surely taken only a serious injury to occur or worse before the policy would have been amended mid tournament, as tennis fans we all want to see players performing at their best on the big stage, however heat, just like wind, will affect some players more than others, overheating however can cause serious health issues and far more significant damage to a human being than strong winds possibly can, therefore is it time for the roof to be closed on all the main courts in Melbourne when the heat gets beyond the norm?

Having a reduced heat policy would certainly create some issues for the administrators, for example…..what if they had three or four extremely hot days in succession, that would then create a back log of matches which would cause issues in itself, how many matches could be played under the roof before the tournament would be potentially classified as an indoor one, would matches be stopped mid-match if the temperature started out fine but then increased as the matches progressed, all these questions would have to be considered at some point.

The tennis has certainly been of a high calibre once again at the start of the 2018 season and it appears that the extremely hot weather conditions in Melbourne are now behind us, however it will be interesting to see what impact this has not only on the AO event going forward but also on certain players health and recovery in the next few months, here’s to some hot exciting tennis action in the second week of AO 2018, maybe a little less of the hot extreme weather though please.

Written by: Tono

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