Queen Clijsters

Sep 12, 2010

In a repeat of last year, Kim Clijsters scooped up her little girl Jada in one arm and her US Open trophy in the other. It only took 59 minutes this year for her to brush aside Vera Zvonareva for the title; her third at this tournament. Clijsters is Queen at Flushing Meadows and the crowd were more than happy to welcome her back to the throne.

Unfortunately, the final was a decidedly one-sided affair, although it doesn’t tarnish anything from Clijsters exemplary game. More than anything, it makes one’s heart leap out to the young Russian, who had in the past played so well against Clijsters and had been having such a good run; in Wimbledon alone she beat Clijsters and made it to her first Grand Slam final, and that wasn’t the only time she has beaten Kim in the past. For Zvonareva, the swiftness of her second Grand Slam final only echoes her premature appearance at Centre Court in this year’s Wimbledon. In that final she was also batted aside with little difficulty, that time by Serena Williams. This must have made being beaten so swiftly all the more painful.

After a few disappointing opening games and points, most assumed Zvonareva would pick herself up quickly and the battle would begin, but Clijsters was just too good and blasted away at her opponent repeatedly, leaving her little time to catch her breath. There were moments where the crowd were cheering on Zvonareva, but only in an encouraging manner after she managed to staunch the flow of games and got the score to 3-1 in the second set.

But when the inevitable happened, and Clijsters took the championship with a forehand winner, the applause was all for her. Whilst Clijsters hugged friends and family, including her little girl and husband who had been there to congratulate her last year, Zvonareva sat and wept in her chair. There’s not much to say to a defeat like that apart from promising yourself it will never happen again. Zvonareva claimed she just couldn’t get her game going, never mind into the kind of gear she needed to defeat a determined Clijsters, and that it was utter frustration that caused her to be so emotional. Let’s hope that, if she makes it to a final next year, that she finds the game she needs to give her opponents a run for their money.

Congratulations Kim Clijsters, now you’ve got us all excited about what you’ll be getting up to next year. If you make it so that you play Justine Henin in a nail-biting final sometime in the near future, that would be great…

Until then, we need to start expecting even more of the Belgian as she quickly assures the world her win last year was not simply a one-hit wonder flare. Let’s hope she will be around to impress, as she did yesterday, for many years to come.

- SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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