A Trio of Tennis News

Sep 24, 2010

Usually the period after a Grand Slam is a quiet, peaceful time, full of ruminations and celebrations and articles on who is truly ‘the best ever’. And whilst Nadal and Clijsters are still being praised and touted in front of the cameras (and no doubt heading back to the practice courts to improve impossibly more), the others have moved on with determination to the next big events, whether that be a Davis Cup tie, the ATP World Tour Finals or the Korean Open. Since the end of the last calendar Open there have been three bits of news that have stuck out as the most interesting and exciting these last few weeks. So here starts the trio exciting of news; who says the weeks after a Grand Slam can’t be just as jam packed.

1. Juan Martin del Potro

With the former US Open champion absent from the tournament, Juan Martin del Potro has had what one could certainly call a ‘bad year’. His hopes, and indeed ours, were raised when it looked as though he may be at least able to enter the US Open, even if we knew he would not be much of a competition after so many months away. However his cursed wrist refused to heal itself in time, and he was forced to withdraw.

Now, with a tentative breath, I can announce that the Argentine will be back in the tennis furore next week, at the Thailand Open. It’s been eight months of absence, and fans of Delpo will have everything crossed that he makes it through at least a few matches at the Thailand Open to (gently) whip that wrist back into shape. Lingering around the 35th in the world, del Potro is going to have to pick up his mental determination if he is going to make his way back up to the top 5. I have no doubt that he could achieve it though; so long as that wrist continues to behave.

2. Roland Garros’ heritage could be saved

Exciting news for all fans of the Roland Garros site and the French Open; the French Tennis Federation has recently been granted permission to use the Jean Bouin stadium just next door. This will provide space for an extra 17 courts close by to the current Roland Garros site. After months of talk about moving the entire site away from Roland Garros to an area outside of Paris, this decision will come as great relief to the supporters of keeping the site where it is, as well as the organisers who have had to battle with this dilemma for some time.

Of course, the FFT have not yet ruled out the possibility of a relocation to the suburbs, but this decision involving the Jean Bouin stadium will strengthen the opposition to moving the tournament away from its natural heartland. The final decision will be made in February 2011, and whatever the decision the plans are to get the site (whether new or old) ready by 2015/2016. I wonder what champions will be walking out onto the clay courts in four or five years time; more than that I wonder whether the FFT will stick by their claims that the soul of the tournament lies at Roland Garros and not in a brand new site near Disney Land…

3. Davis Cup drama

Yes, the Davis Cup is still going. The thrilling finals match up has just been decided after two thrilling ties between four competitive nations. Serbia faced off against the Czech Republic, and France battled with Argentina for places in the finals. France made short work of Argentina in Lyon, who were without their star player as they had been for much of the year; Juan Martin del Potro was at the time too injured to play. And France are looking to win, when the final comes in the beginning of December. Of course, they have an opponent standing in their way. After their narrow scraping of a victory against the Czech Republic, it is Serbia who are France’s big challenge to the Davis Cup title. With Djokovic exhausted and suffering gastroenteritis after his runner-up title at the US Open, it was Janko Tipsarevich who became the hero for the Serb team, beating Radek Stepanek in the deciding singles rubber.

The final matches will take place between 3rd – 5th December, when the French team will travel to Belgrade to play Serbia for the ultimate title.

Remember: tennis doesn’t go into hibernation until the very end of the year, and until then there is plenty to keep us entertained despite the Grand Slam calendar being over with for 2010. Now is the best time to squeeze out the final few drops of tennis fun for the year.

Written by: SophieG

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