Looking forward to the US Open…

Jul 6, 2010

So for the next Grand Slam, the players will be making the pilgrimage to America, where the US Open starts on 27th August. Who will be the ones to watch, and what things should we be looking out for, when the tournament gets under way?

1. Star appearances

You can always guarantee the stars will be out in force whenever there’s a top player on the court, particularly in the final stages. Maybe the big man himself Barack Obama will grace Flushing Meadows with his presence? Or maybe not.

2. Kids Day

Talking of stars, which stars will elect to appear at Kids Day, the fun and games opening to the tournament? Big names in tennis, comedy and acting do their best to make the day special for the kids lucky enough to get tickets to the event. Maybe Barack Obama can umpire a match of McEnroe verses Federer? Again, maybe not.

3. Absent del Potro

It’s sad to say, but the one person we won’t be seeing at Flushing Meadows will be last year’s champion. Juan Martin del Potro is still recovering from a wrist injury; even if at the last moment he decides to play, he has barely played since the beginning of the year. Last reports suggest he hopes to be back for the Paris Indoor tournament not long after the US Open. It’s a shame when a defending champion cannot actual partake in any defence of his title, but as Rafa showed at Wimbledon just because you have a year out of a tournament doesn’t mean you’re done for good. Del Potro lingers at number 7 in the world, and with the US Open coming up it looks like he won’t be in the top 8 that go for the ATP World Tour Finals. Maybe Barack Obama will challenge the defending champion for the title?

Ok I promise I’ll stop now.

4. Watch out for Rafa

Rafael Nadal will be putting in some serious effort to take the US Open title for the first time. After winning the French and at Wimbledon, Rafa has proved that dodgy knees or no dodgy knees, a champion is still a champion. John McEnroe has tipped Rafael Nadal to take the title this year, particularly with Federer having a wobbly moment and Murray seemingly still unable to shake off the disappointment both at the start of this year and at Wimbledon. With del Potro unable to defend his title, who knows, this may be Rafa’s year.

5. Hopes will rise again for Murray

Ok so it’s not Wimbledon, but many Murray or British tennis fans that may not watch the rest of the tennis year have come to realise that the next best chance their man has to win a Grand Slam is the US Open. If Roger Federer gets knocked out early (and there is no guarantee on that; this is Federer we’re talking about)then it’ll even more of a chance for Murray to take the title. He is currently taking a holiday for some rest and re-cooperation after a disappointing semi-finals loss at Wimbledon and a bad streak that runs from his loss at the finals of the Australian Open. Chin up Murray, another good chance is coming up and there is always next year.

6. Federer down and out?

No. But the US Open will be a chance to map out potentially when Federer will start to bow gracefully from the game. Personally I still think he’s got a few years in him yet, and he probably thinks that too. So he crashed out of the French and Wimbledon early; this is what happens when the younger plays start to jostle for the top spots and the older players are not quite use to these sorts of challenges. Remember when everybody said Federer was finished in the Australian Open last year? He went on to win the French and Wimbledon titles; so it’s nowhere near the time to start doubting Roger yet.

7. Kim Clijsters

Now Kim Clijsters will definitely be one to watch out for at the US Open this year. She was disappointed at her performance at Wimbledon, but this is the tournament where her fairytale arrival back into the sport began. This time she will be defending champion, and will have to bear all the pressure that comes with that title, but if she keeps the mentality that she had this time last year then there’s no doubting she can go far, if not win the title. And with Justine Henin revealing that the injury sustained in her match against Clijsters at Wimbledon rules her out of the US Open gives Clijsters an extra boost for the title.

8. Watch out for the weather

The weather behaved itself for Wimbledon this year, but last year it played havoc with the US Open’s schedule. So watch those clouds and keep an eye on the weatherman. But imagine the irony if the US Open was rain delayed and this year’s Wimbledon was not? I imagine the Wimbledon organisers would love that scenario…

With all this in mind, the players head off for a bit of rest before the next round of tournaments begin. Draw sheets for the US Open come out 27th August; we’ll be waiting for them with as much excitement as the players will.

- SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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