Best and Worst Dressed at French Open 2009

Jun 7, 2009

Due to it being such a tense tournament, I’ve been compiling this best and worst dressed list as a bit of light relief. Feel free to add your own contribution or disagree; I’m hardly the world’s leading name in tennis fashion:


1)      At first, I scoffed at the alarmingly bumble bee-like attire Juan Martin del Potro sported. Even now, I feel a bit ashamed at placing it in the ‘Best’ part of this list. Black and white striped top, finished off with a bright yellow headband and wristbands: the headlines  screamed ‘Tall, Skinny Argentine Bumble Bee Gives an Inspired Performance at Rolland Garros’


But you’ve got to admit, it was a pretty impressive outfit…


2)      Roger Federer; quietly classical as always. Federer looked cool and calm in a light blue top with dark navy wrist band and shorts. He cut an impressive figure on the deep red of the clay, and was one of the only men in the tournament who didn’t go in for luminous nu rave colours. Seems it did him good too.


3)      Maria Sharapova – the blue suited her pale skin and blonde hair. Her knickers were a decent colour as well, as opposed to those neon red ones that have been flashed at us from time to time. Even the X-bandage pattern on her shoulder seemed to coordinate with the sharp and sophisticated outfit; trust Maria Sharapova of them all to pull that off.



1)      As much as I love Nadal, you’ve got to wince at the fluorescent pink shirt. That, combined with a splash of neon yellow from his headband and wristbands, causes your eyes to burn out of their sockets as the Parisian sun brings the colours into sharp, painfully bright relief…. Next year I will be wearing sunglasses. 


But Nadal is so superstitious that I highly doubt the pink will make a reoccurrence after his result at this French Open. Phew.


Need to Try Harder

1)      Andy Roddick – no offence to Roddick, but he looked like he was an American out to play a lazy round of golf, not an American out to play his worth in a French Open. Novak Djokovic gets it right with his locker-room impersonations of Roddick:  the peak of that baseball cap really is ridiculously curved. 

2)      Andy Murray – come on Murray, you really aren’t helpful with the perception that the British are as dull as dishwater. You’re meant to be a player who’s exciting , young, dynamic. Surely a little variety is in order? A bit of colour, maybe? Currently it’s just the typical dark top, dark/white shorts, and baseball cap. Then again, imagine Murray decked out in fluorescent yellow…maybe not.



-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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