A quick update on how the 2020 Han Solo competition has been going this year, albeit a shortened season like everything else.

After the Kitzhubel Open last week these are the current Top 5 in the Captain Solo race of 2020...

1. Tono 1723pts
2. TennisElbow 1465pts
3. Snollygoster 1048pts
4. Drivers 885pts
5. Tenedab 705pts

Things can change very quickly as we still have a Grand Slam tournament and two Masters events left among others.

2018 - Princess Leia Champ
2017 - Rey Saber Champ, Padme Champ, Obi Wan R-Up, BIG 5 Career Slam, Yoda Crew Hall Of Fame 2016 - Padme Runner-Up
2015 - Obi Wan Master, King Droid, Yoda Crew POTY 2014 - Guru Race Runner-Up
2013 - Guru Race Winner (2014 Yoda Cup Guru), US Open Yoda Cup, Yoda Crew POTY 2012 - Lord Vader 2011 - Wimbledon Yoda Cup


Ooh, it's hotting up, would love to defend my title...

Yoda Cups: Roland Garros 15, 18, 20; Wimbledon 17; US Open 20; Yoda Guru 2021
Obi Wan Master 16, 17 Lord Vader 15
Han Solo Captain 19
Player of the Year 17