Good form for my brother and I was just the least sucky in the pile of suck that was Yoda crew in Kitzbuhel. There, fixed it for you TONO LOL

I appreciate the compliment but have you seen my US Open teams? LOL


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If you are more concerned with enabling globalism and communism than wanting to live your life FREE as the constitution clearly says in the LAST free country on earth then you are not welcome here in the United States. No ill will intended. There are plenty of other countries you can live where big daddy government will be glad to tell you how to live so you don't have to think for yourself


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This whole situation is completely stupid! This is supposed to be a free country and we have dumbass governors, mayors & other "elected officials" shutting down businesses and taking away people's livelihood over something that isn't even as bad as the flu. On top of that our pathetic "media" continues to brainwash stupid brainless people into buying up all essential products that everyone needs thereby causing a shortage that could have been avoided.


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yep, i knew as soon as i said he was an idiot he would get me lol


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Simon looked very good in his first match and Kyrgios is an idiot. I like my chances tongue


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wow, not sure if i ever believed i would hear that. Roger Federer a unique pick to make the final. Crazy, noone would have said that just a few years ago


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Excellent job Drivers. smile


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Please can it be me? smile


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ok, i guess im quitting FT again this year. Not even 12 hours ago it said I had ONE DAY left to do the tournament. If this is how its going to be im just going to drop out instead of dealing with vague times every week


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What is going on with the mens side of Adelaide?????
Its not showing up to make my picks and the tournament has not started


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the lucky loser tennis site is in a foreign language......
Not sure how to set up an account there


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Am i missing something? Seeds are 1 - 32. Struff is 33 therefore is "unseeded"


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Struff is unseeded


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No, your team must be selected before the start of the tournament.


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Thanks for filling in for my lazy brother Marco lol


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You are doing a great job Jenny smile


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Johnny definitely did not pick McNally, that would be my crazy brother Arvis lol


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you have to delete every player then you can make your picks. There should be a red X next to each player. You have to just keep clicking the Xs until all the players are deleted. I know its a pain unfortunately thats just how it is right now

Actually, you cant make your picks yet. When it becomes available thats what you do

Thanks yall smile

Excellent job Tony!

Tennis is extremely difficult to predict, that is why its so challenging and fun

Thanks Tono!
Great job Murrys Flurrys!

Thanks yall. Glad i have a good one every now and then lol


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Yes, excellent picks and great job to Jamie and Arnie. smile