Drivers will you accept my request as your doubles Partner on TFFDREAMTEAM!

Congrats too TE, Spotec, and BHP!


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Yeah Driver's we finish in 4th place in doubles! smile


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What does the blue highlight mean on my pick on tennis loser! I see some players missing!


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Thanks Arvis!


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TennisElbow wrote:
Drivers wrote:

Haha -  I’d missed that we are playing doubles on LL and when Nelson emailed to say that he’d picked a partner  for me he didn’t say who it was! (Does that make us train drivers? cool )

haha train drivers - all aboard the Dtrain! Choo Choo!

  LOL Drivers!


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LoL Drivers were partners on Lucky Loser! I was going to email you to be my partner! Nelson did it anyways picking you as my partner!


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Thanks Drivers!

Congrats HTS, Tenedab, and Johnny!

Congrats Tenedab, BHP, And TE!

TY Milo, Tenedab and Drivers!

TY Tono!

Thanks TE!

When does the season start for 2020! Which Tournaments so that I don't miss any tournaments! Thanks Dtrain

I hope I make the top 5 at least for 2020!

Congrats Edgar!

where's the spreadsheet!

Congrats TE, Dwight, and BHP!


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Thanks Drivers it's Dennis!


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Thanks J-LO!


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I have Venus on my team if someone can put her as my pick!


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Drivers wrote:

Hello everybody! Drivers I have Venus Williams on my Team!

As the picks are now closed, here are the picks of all the Yoda Crew member (21) participating in this 2019 Wimbledon Yoda Cup, 9th edition.
Drivers, here, deputising for Arnie, so please bear with me and let me know of my rookie errors and I’ll try and put them right!


Seeds 1-16:
Djokovic (21) [everyone] {IN, 1st, +0}
Nadal (16) [everyone except Arvis, Tenedab, Mike, Oz, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Thiem (3) [Charles, Oz, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Tsitsipas (9) [Snolly, Marco, Murree, Johnny, Mike, HTS, Dwight, Drivers, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Federer (21) [everyone] {IN, 1st, +0}
Anderson (3) [Murree, Charles, Oz] {IN, 1st, +0}
ZverevA (7) [Edu, TE, Tenedab,Spotec, Johnny, HTS, Dwight] {IN, 1st, +0}
Nishikori ()4[Edu, Dtrain, Arvis, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Khachanov (2) [Mike, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Cilic (4) [Arvis, Tenedab, Mike, Oz] {IN, 1st, +0}
Raonic (11) [Snolly, Marco, TE, BHP, Arvis, Wimbo,Tenedab,Tono,Spotec, Drivers, Adunar, ] {IN, 1st, +0}

Seeds 17-32:

Wawrinka (8) [Charlesr, HTS, OZ, Dwight, Murree, Johnny, Mike, Arvis] {IN, 1st, +0}
Simon (7) [Edu, Tono, Spotec, Aiur ,Adunar, Snolly, Dtrain, ] {IN, 1st, +0}
Goffin (7)  Edu,Dtrain, Arvis, Wimbo, Drivers,Tenedb, Spotec] {IN, 1st, +0}
RBA (6) [Marco, BHP ,Wimbo, Tenedab, Tono, Murreee,] {IN, 1st, +0}
Shapovalov (1) [Charles] {IN, 1st, +0}
FAA (3) [HTS, Dwight, OZ] {IN, 1st, +0}
Berrettini (11) [Snolly, Dtrain, Marco,TE, BHP, Wimbo,Tono, Mike, Drivers, Aiur, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}

Unseeded players:

Millman (2) [Tenedab, Marco] {IN, 1st, +0}
Evans (2) [BHP, Drivers] {IN, 1st, +0}
Fritz (2) [Snolly, BHP] {IN, 1st, +0}
Lopez (5) [Dtrain, Arvis, Tono,Johnny, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Querrey (1) [Arvis] {IN, 1st, +0}
Dimitrov (1) [Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Johnson (1) [Spotec] {IN, 1st, +0}
Struff (1) [Johnny] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kyrgios (1) [Mike] {IN, 1st, +0}
Tsonga (4) [TE, Wimbo, Murree, OZ] {IN, 1st, +0}
Verdasco (1) [Charles] {IN, 1st, +0}
Berdych (1) [HTS] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kecmanovic (2) [Edu, Dwight] {IN, 1st, +0}


Nadal (1) [Wimbo]
Djokovic (21) [Everyone]
Federer (21) [Everyone except Wimbo]


Federer (11) [Dtrain, BHP, Arvis, Murree, Spotec,Adunar, Johnny, Charles, HTS, OZ, Aiur]
Djokovic (10) [TE, Mike, Edu, Snolly, Marco, Wimbo, Tenedab, Tono, Divers, Dwight]


16 picked the standard format: 5 (1-16) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded)
Johnny and Arvis went 5-1-2, Wimbo and Tono went 4-3-1, BHP went 4-2-2,


Seeds 1-16:

Halep (9) [Snolly, Dtrain, TE, Arvis, Tenedab, Tono,Murree, Spotec, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Bertens (14) [everyone except Edu, Dtrain, TE, BHP, Tenedb, HTS, Dwight] {IN, 1st, +0}
PliskovaKa (18) [Everyone except Arvis, Murree, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kvitova (5) [ Edu, Arvis, Murreee, Johnny, OZ] {IN, 1st, +0}
Stephens (1) [HTS] {IN, 1st, +0}
Barty (19) [Everyone except Murree, Mike] {IN, 1st, +0}
Osaka (2) [Charles HTS] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kerber 14) [everyone except Snolly, Dtrain, TE, BHP, HTS, OZ, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
WilliamsS (13) [Everyone except Snolly, Arvis, TE, Tono, Spotec, Johnny, Charles, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Sevastova (1) [Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Wozniacki (1) [Dtrain] {IN, 1st, +0}

Seeds 17-32:

Muguruza (1) [ Murreee] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kontaveit (1) [Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Mertens (3) [TE, BHP, Aiur] {IN, 1st, +0}
Keys (10) [ Marco, TE, BHP, Wimbo, Johnny, Mike, Charles, HTS, OZ, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Garcia (4) [Arvis, Johnny, Spotec, Drivers] {IN, 1st, +0}
Konta (13) [Everyone except BHP, Arvis, Murree, Spotec, Johnny, HTS, Aiur, OZ] {IN, 1st, +0}
Martic (7) [BHP, Snolly, Arvis, Tono, HTS, Dwight, Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Anisimova (5) [Dtrain, BHP, Murree, Spotec, Dwight] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kenin (6) [Edu, Snolly, TE,Tenedab, Mike, OZ] {IN, 1st, +0}

Unseeded players:

Collins (14) [Johnny] {IN, 1st, +0}
Sharapova (4) [Tenedab, TE, Aiur, Mike] {IN, 1st, +0}
Azarenka (3) [Snolly, Wimbo, O7] {IN, 1st, +0}
WilliamsV (1) [Murreee, Snolly, Marco,Tono,Charles, HTS,Drivers] {IN, 1st, +0}
Friedsam (2) [BHP, Spotec] {IN, 1st, +0}
McNally (1) [Johnny] {IN, 1st, +0}
Ostapenko (1) [Dwight] {IN, 1st, +0}
Kanepi (1) [Adunar] {IN, 1st, +0}
Stryova (1) [Edu] {IN, 1st, +0}


Halep (3) [Dtrain, TE, Murree]
Bertens (9) [Adunar, Tenedab, BHP, Dwight, Edu, Johnny, Marco, HTS, Arvis]
PliskovaKa 13) [Everyone except Dtrain, TE, Arvis, Murree, Johnny,Charles, OZ, Aiur]
Kvitova (1) [OZ]
Kerber (4) [Wimbo, Murree, Spotec, Mike]
Barty (13) [Everyone except BHP, Murree, Wimbo, Spotec, Mike, HTS, OZ Aiur]
Osaka (1) [Mike]
Williams.S (3) [BHP, HTS,Aiur]
Keys (1) [OZ]
Garcia (1) [Johnny]
Martic (1) [Arvis]


Barty (9) [Adunar, Dwight, Edu, Drivers, Dtrain,TE,Tenedab,Johnny, Arvis]
PliskovaKa (7) [Snolly, Marco, BHP, Wimbo, Tono, Spotec Mike]
Osaka (1) [Charles]
Kerber (1) [Murree]
Williams.S (2) [HTS, Aiur]
Keys (1) [OZ]


Everyone picked the standard format 5 (1-6) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
TE, BHP went 3-4-1.  Snolly, Mike, Dwight, Adunar went 4-3-1.

Number of players still in competition:

16: everyone
15: -

-16 competition TOTAL: 0
0: everyone

Possible bonus points:

Coming later..


Congrats Murree and Spotec!

Milo wrote:

Bravo Dtrain! smile

Thanks BHP!

tenedab wrote:

Congrats Dtrain! Nicely done.

Thanks Tenedab!