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A Double Celebration For The Over 30′s!!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 is now completed and after all the drama and excitement and a number of surprise results the two singles champions left standing after seven rounds of Grand Slam action were both over the age of 30, well in their 31st year to be exact, Serena Williams turns 31 in late September and Roger Federer celebrates his 31st birthday early next month, it ended up being a celebration for two of the greatest champions that the All England Club has seen in the modern era.

Williams has finally returned to Grand Slam glory to claim her 14th major title after suffering injury and health issue’s over the past year and Federer got to lift his 17th Grand Slam Trophy two and a half years after winning his last one in Melbourne, Australia in 2010, many people thought the two champions were in decline and that neither player would feature much on Championship Sunday at the major events anymore, their respective victories however in the most famous and traditional tournament of all the majors has reminded us all that age is indeed no barrier to Grand Slam success.

I heard John McEnroe stating that in his mind Serena could now lay claim to be the greatest women’s tennis player in the history of the game, while I respect immensely McEnroe’s knowledge and opinion on tennis I can’t agree with him on that statement, I believe that Williams probably has the greatest serve that the women’s game has ever witnessed but the honour of being the greatest women’s player, in my opinion, more »


No.1 Ranking Up For Grabs At Wimbledon!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

As Wimbledon 2012 approaches I’m sure all tennis fans across the globe are eagerly anticipating another two weeks of enthralling Grand Slam action on the famous grass courts at The Championships in SW19, many of us will also be eager to see whether or not we have a change at the top of the women’s and men’s world rankings at the conclusion of the tournament.

Maria Sharapova reclaimed the world No.1 ranking from Victoria Azarenka after her fine victory at Roland Garros but her new status will be shortlived if Azarenka can claim her second Grand Slam title at the All England Club over the next few weeks, Sharapova made the final last year and will be defending those points whereas Azarenka was a beaten semifinalist losing to eventual champion Petra Kvitova in 2011, if Maria fails to reach the final this year and Vika goes one better and makes her first Wimbledon final then we will see the tall 23 year old Belarusian take back the top spot once again, if both players make the final then they will battle it out for the Championship and the No.1 world ranking.

The men’s side of things is even more interesting as we have the top three players in the world all mathematically capable of being world No.1 at the end of The Championships, Novak Djokovic secured the No.1 ranking when he won the 2011 Wimbledon title last year and he has held the position ever since then, Rafael Nadal was beaten by Djokovic in last years Wimbledon decider but his recent victories on clay against his more »


Petra Kvitova: a name to remember

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Petra Kvitova is our other new and exciting champion of 2011. Again, she was arguably the underdog. After all, Sharapova had been in the same situation seven years ago. She has done this before. It should be like coming home. But no matter how  comfortable she might of felt, it was obviously not enough.

Sharapova’s errors were rash and wild. Her shot-making was all over the place, and she found it nearly impossible to find the lines and angles she needed to beat a player who was on top form. But it wasn’t just Sharapova’s mistakes that brought the match to a finish in such a short amount of time. Despite playing a defending champion, it didn’t seem to get into Kvitova’s head. When Kvitova went up 5-3 in the first, it was already starting to become clear that she was on to a winning way. Double faults and more mistakes from Sharapova pushed the score line up in Kvitova’s favour.

In the second set there was a minor dip in form, but Kvitova got her confidence back to break again. Sharapova was clinging on for dear life, trying to grabble her way back and then ahead. But with her shots falling just short almost every time, a sense of inevitability was starting to settle. The Centre Court crowd became a little restless, pulling out their cameras so that they were ready for the presentation trophy. At times like this you always hope that the underdog fights back. But Kvitova had her strangehold on this game. She finished, delighted, after 85 minutes.

With Martina Navratilo more »


We have a new champion

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The men’s finals of Wimbledon 2011 is widely being touted as having ushered in a new era of tennis. The Roger/Rafa dominance has been broken. Now, a new wave is coming through, the ones that have been hanging onto their shirt tails for past several years. It started, I would argue, with del Potro winning the US Open back in 2009. And now, Novak Djokovic has pushed himself to that same level, and one better. He has won two grand slams this year, and lost only 1 match: now that record is almost as impressive as Roger and Rafa’s various achievements over the years.

Novak Djokovic’s dream time at the top would have been cemented even if he had lost in the finals. He was destined to become number one in the world after beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semi finals. Beating Rafael Nadal was the icing on the cake that Djokovic had been dreaming about ever since he started playing tennis.

Djokovic dominated, much to everyone’s surprise, from the very beginning. His serve was on target, his backhands were blistering, and he targeted the lines with an accuracy down to the nearest millimetre. One of Djokovic’s most impressive elements to his game was his ability to keep Nadal at arm’s bay. The second stroke of brilliance was his ability to take whatever Nadal threw at him, and spin it back with an added extra flourish. Novak also succeeded in not letting Nadal’s history at Wimbledon get into his head. In fact, mentally, it was Djokovic that came to the match in the best frame of m more »


Men’s semi finals

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

The two men’s semi finals matches caught the world’s attention, as the four men faced up to muscle their way into Wimbledon’s finals. The first to be successful was Novak Djokovic, who was beaming from ear to ear in post match interviews, citing this tournament as his dream to win. He has only lost one of the last 50 matches he has played, and so it was little surprise that once he got into his
rhythm, Tsonga was merely a bump in the road. Still, a tricky bump that certainly put Nole through his paces. Despite some moments of purely brilliant, athletic and downright circus-acrobatic tennis, Tsonga made some howlers and awful unforced errors that completely undid his good work. He was playing in the last four for the first time, and with Djokovic able to smell a position as number one in the world, he just wasn’t going to let go of his dream.

The next pairing up brought slightly more attention, particularly over here in Britain. Fans of ‘Muzza’ packed out Henman hill and the stadium, although of course Nadal’s loyal supporters were there too. The ever watchful Uncle Tony was as stoic as ever, until the match got under way and then that passion that Nadal shares came to the fore. It was a spirited first set, the advantages jumping from one player to another. Britain squealed as Murray took the first set, and pundits blew forth with pride that their predictions had been so spot on. And then the second set came, and Murray could only wave over his shoulder at his good game pl more »