Sam Querrey Produces The Upset of 2016

Jul 3, 2016

Sam Querrey, the tall 28 year old native from California in the USA has produced the biggest upset of the 2016 tennis season in the third round of The Championships at Wimbledon, the 6’6″ American served and blasted his way to his best ever victory over the seemingly unstoppable world No.1 Novak Djokovic 7-6 (6), 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 (5), this will surely be the biggest upset of he season as it will take another extraordinary performance from somebody this year to beat the effort by Querrey in beating the red hot Djokovic.

Upsets do occur in all sport of course, but when we see one of this magnitude in the world of tennis it is certainly worth writing about, almost all tennis pundits were picking Djokovic to have a decent shot at a calendar Grand Slam in season 2016, however nobody told Querrey and almost nobody would have expected the Serb to not make it into the second week at SW19, if Novak was going to lose on the grass courts of Wimbledon then most of us would have picked it to be at the hands of either Andy Murray, Roger Federer or perhaps Milos Raonic, the way Nole has been playing this season meant that even a loss to one of that aforementioned trio would have been surprising and an upset of sorts.

The fact that it was Querrey, the current world No.41, has come as a shock, we were all starting to feel that Djokovic was close to unbeatable when on form, however tennis is a physical game that requires plenty of mental effort and fortitude, so just how much did that recent title run at Roland Garros take out of Djokovic then, plenty by the looks of things, Nole had played Querrey nine times previously and led 8-1 in their head to head match up before their first match on grass, the last two matches between the pair on slick hard courts ended up being one-sided straight sets victories to the Serb, so was Novak just having a bad day or was Sam having a career best day, I would think probably a little bit of both ingredients contributed to this shock result.

Querrey deserves plenty of credit for achieving something that nobody else has been able to in the past year, beat Djokovic in a Grand Slam singles match, the big-serving American has called it his biggest career win and that is what it takes to produce the upset of the season in the world of tennis, will this be the last upset this year, of course not, but I doubt very much whether we will see a bigger one occur in season 2016.

Written by: Tono

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sneaky says:
Jul 8, 2016

Hey Tono you really need to change that title to
The sponsors produce the upset of 2016.

Djokovic losing to Querrey was a business decision
by the sponsors to create some excitement into Tennis,

It is such a shame that most fans do NOT understand
that the sponsors bought tennis and control it
with very clever marketing. The sponsors control the
top players………..and they do what they are told.
Djokovic was told to lose to change the narrative
thus creating more drama for the fans!!!

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