Rain Could Be The Main Talking Point At SW19

Jun 27, 2016

The 2016 Wimbledon Championships will no doubt provide all tennis fans with some memorable and exciting tennis over the next fortnight, however the main talking point at the All England Lawn Tennis Club this year could well be the rain that is forecast for practically every day of the tournament.

Fortunately, we will still get to see tennis regardless thanks to the roof concept on centre court, however if the wet stuff interferes too much on the outer courts then the disruption to the tournament could be significant, an occurrence like this will obviously favour the big names who get to play on the main show court at SW19.

It remains to be seen whether or not the weather will play too much of a part at The Championships in 2016, let’s hope the weather forecasts are slightly incorrect and that we don’t get too much disruption throughout the fortnight in London.

The respective world No.1′s, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams will again start warm favourites in the gentlemans singles and ladies singles championships respectively, some are predicting that Andy Murray will finally find the answer on how to stop the Nole juggernaut, now that Ivan Lendl has rejoined his coaching team, while a lot of fans are also predicting another new Grand Slam champion to emerge among the women, however I’m sure Serena will be doing her utmost to prevent that from happening.

Let’s hope the rain doesn’t put a damp feeling on the next two weeks of Grand Slam tennis at The Championships in London, otherwise all tennis fans might need to practice a fair amount of patience throughout the next fortnight, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, bring on Wimbledon 2016!

Written by: Tono

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BHP-2015-QOTU says:
Jun 27, 2016

Your message…

BHP-2015-QOTU says:
Jun 27, 2016

At least there is a roof so we will get to see some tennis even on the wettest of days.

Tono-2014-Yoda-Cup-Guru says:
Jun 29, 2016

That’s true BHP, the higher seeds get the red carpet rolled out though huh.

sneaky says:
Jul 1, 2016

If rain is forecast everyday as it is this year I think the top players should just
automatically go to the Quarterfinals. Uhh……….then the lower ranked players
can play all their matches on Center Court.

I mean………look at it this way………the sponsors only care about making money
and protecting the top players in majors. Obviously the 32-seed format is designed
to protect the top players anyway………so might as well push them into the Quarterfinals
to keep the sponsors, networks, and fans happy. I find it amusing that the top players
have every advantage even without the rain!!! Hmm…….I wonder why there is only one
court with a roof (Center Court) and not other courts with a roof!!! Uhh………let me
guess……….maybe to give the top players even more of an advantage!!! SSSSSHHHH…..
this is a secret please do NOT tell anyone!!! LMAO

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