Will The Umpire’s Be Consistent With The Time Violation Rule In 2013?

Mar 1, 2013
After watching some of the Nole/Delpo semifinal in Dubai and seeing the Argentine receive a time violation warning when he was bouncing the ball and almost ready to toss the thing to serve (at 3-1 up in the 2nd set and break point down),  I can’t help but wonder whether the umpire’s will be consistent with the new rule this season, particularly in the bigger events. Will they show leniency to players when matches are longer or will they remain consistent no matter what, I have a feeling that if Novak plays Rafa at Roland Garros this year then the strict time violation rule will be pushed out by a few seconds, is that fair though?

If a rule has been introduced by the ATP for all players then shouldn’t it apply to ALL players, Nole and Rafa have played some great matches over the last few years and some VERY long ones, in fact I think some of those matches have probably been a major factor in why the ATP have introduced this new rule for season 2013, Djokovic and Nadal are great athletes and usually produce some gut-busting rallies but rules are rules aren’t they, I don’t mean to focus just on these two guys either because there are numerous other players on the tour who push the envelope when looking to recover from a long tiring rally, I commend the ATP on trying to keep the play moving in a timely manner but if they introduce a rule like this then the umpire’s have to be consistent and enforce it, surely.

I will be a keen observer at Roland Garros this year because the French Open is renowned for it’s long grinding rallies and the men in particular need to be physically fit to deal with the demands of five set matches at RG, it will only take a few time violation warnings handed out to some of the top guys to show all players that this rule will be enforced no matter what, I know it may seem a little harsh not to have some leniency when two players have just been involved in a fantastic rally which included 30 shots or more, but again I say why have the rule in place at all if you are not going to be consistent with it, most of the top players are supremely fit and can deal with the physical demands of 25 seconds between points, I actually think they abuse the rule in a mental capacity when they need a few more seconds to focus mentally on the bigger points, the current ATP President Brad Drewett has been quoted as saying “We believe this modification will give officials a useful tool and allow for more consistent enforcement of the time violation rule.”…..Let’s see if the officials can follow through and enforce it in 2013!

Written by: Tono

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Moon_Baller says:
Mar 2, 2013

The time violation is being enforced by the ATP, not the slams. I’m sure the money drawing players will receive more leniency in the masters, though, all major sports leagues seem to allow the rules to bend for their stars.

Tono says:
Apr 23, 2013

Yeah you might be right there Moon_Baller.

I certainly have noticed that there is more leniency when the bigger and longer rallies occur, Brad Gilbert has suggested they use a time clock if they want to maintain such a rule, time will tell whether that ever comes to fruition, somehow I doubt it.

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