A Double Celebration For The Over 30′s!!

Jul 10, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 is now completed and after all the drama and excitement and a number of surprise results the two singles champions left standing after seven rounds of Grand Slam action were both over the age of 30, well in their 31st year to be exact, Serena Williams turns 31 in late September and Roger Federer celebrates his 31st birthday early next month, it ended up being a celebration for two of the greatest champions that the All England Club has seen in the modern era.

Williams has finally returned to Grand Slam glory to claim her 14th major title after suffering injury and health issue’s over the past year and Federer got to lift his 17th Grand Slam Trophy two and a half years after winning his last one in Melbourne, Australia in 2010, many people thought the two champions were in decline and that neither player would feature much on Championship Sunday at the major events anymore, their respective victories however in the most famous and traditional tournament of all the majors has reminded us all that age is indeed no barrier to Grand Slam success.

I heard John McEnroe stating that in his mind Serena could now lay claim to be the greatest women’s tennis player in the history of the game, while I respect immensely McEnroe’s knowledge and opinion on tennis I can’t agree with him on that statement, I believe that Williams probably has the greatest serve that the women’s game has ever witnessed but the honour of being the greatest women’s player, in my opinion, would have to go Steffi Graf, another great of the women’s game Martina Navratilova proved that Grand Slam success over the age of 30 was possible when she won three of her major titles beyond the 30 year old age barrier, it will be interesting to see how many more Grand Slam titles Serena can win past the age of 30.

Federer has been acknowledged by many, including me, prior to his Wimbledon success as the greatest men’s tennis player not just of the modern era but in the entire history of the game, while there are some out there in tennis fan land who argued with that title, I believe that many of them will now have to acknowledge the greatness of the Swiss Maestro and some surely would have been converted to also believe that he is now the “G.O.A.T”! He is not the first man to win a Grand Slam title past the age of 30 though of course, in fact the list is rather large with no fewer than 10 other men who achieved the feat in their careers, greats of the game like Sampras, Agassi, Connors, Ashe, Newcombe, Rosewall and Laver all achieved Grand Slam success past the age of 30.

It will certainly be very interesting to see if Roger can continue to add to his fantastic legacy by winning even more major titles, I guess the time to discuss Federer’s greatness is when he finally retires from the game but just what age that will be is anybody’s guess, he seem’s to be enjoying his tennis just as much now as he did in his prime, I along with many others will probably hope that Federer continues to enjoy his tennis so we can all continue to enjoy watching the Grand Slam Master at work for many years to come.

Written by: Tono

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Wolmas says:
Jul 13, 2012

After Nadal dominating ’10 and Djokovic ’11, it has been refreshing to have three different champions this year. As much as I’d like to see a fourth, I think that’s quite difficult to ask.

Any doubt to Federer being the greatest men’s player of all time should have been removed about 38 months ago when he won Roland Garros to capture the career slam and 14th total.

Tono says:
Jul 13, 2012

I agree Wolmas it has been refreshing having three different champions this year in the men’s….I read a comment from a tennis fan the other day which I was rather intrigued about….
Aussie Open Winner – Djokovic (No.1 Seed)
French Open Winner – Nadal (No.2 Seed)
Wimbledon Winner – Federer (No.3 Seed)
US Open Winner – Murray perhaps the No.4 Seed??…Surely not!!

Well as you know I was already in the G.O.A.T camp with many others when Roger won his title at RG….the fact he is still one of the leading chances at the big events and due to turn 31 years of age just adds to his legacy in my opinion.

Wolmas says:
Jul 14, 2012

Oh yeah, how about that. I didn’t notice that tidbit about the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seeds winning the slams in that order this year. Arnaud provided a good one, too, a few days back; he mentioned where Federer couldn’t have reached number 1 with his Wimbledon win had it not been for the points he earned from Gerry Weber Open. I forget the difference, but I think he needed at least a semifinalist appearance there.

Adunar says:
Jul 23, 2012

Great post Tony!

You’re right Thomas, he needed to get at least to the semis. This shows that EVERY tournament counts, every win. I tried to find the players against whom Federer lost to in his last encounter, whihc means a loss his hasn’t avenged yet. You have to go far to go to three.

Haas, Halle F 2012
Roddick, Miami 3rd 2012
Melzer, Monte Carlo QF 2011
Hewitt, Halle F, 2010

… then I don’t know. This means he has beaten every member of the top20 the last time he played each one of them.

Tono says:
Jul 24, 2012

Yep those points Roger got at Halle helped him to break Pete’s record alright, it will be interesting to see where they all sit after the Olympics is done and dusted….and find out just how bad that knee of Rafa’s is too. :/

Adunar says:
Jul 24, 2012

Well the number one spot will be on the line as Roger and Novak can get it. The one who performs the best will take it. However, Federer needs to do better than Novak if the Serbian gets at least to the quarterfinals.

And rafa’s knee is of high concern. I’m pretty sure he will take it easy in Canada and Cincinnati. He will be willing to play a few matches to get in form but not too much to avoid any further damage to his knee. If he withdraws from those two tournaments, I don’t think he will play the US Open.

Well Federer sure has a lot of points to defend at the end of the year but from now and until the end of the season, Novak has like 200 more points than Roger to defend. So this is definitely going to be a close one until the end. A close trio could be amazing between Rafa, Roger and Novak. Imagine if they can switch the number 1 rank each week as a trio? that would be crazy!

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