Roland Garros “2012″ – The History Making Championships!

May 30, 2012

After four days of intense Grand Slam competition at Roland Garros in Paris the 2012 version of this popular major championship looks like it may well be remembered as the history making championships, already we have seen history created by two of the greats of the game, Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

Federer’s 2nd round victory over Romanian Adrian Ungur meant that the Swiss Maestro surpassed the open era record for number of match wins at Grand Slam events, he was tied with American Jimmy Connors on 233 match wins prior to his round two clash with Ungur but The Fed Express now has his name beside yet another piece of tennis history compiling 234 Grand Slam match victories and still counting. Williams has also created history at this year’s championships but it’s hardly the type of history that she would enjoy reading out to her grandchildren, after previously winning 46 times from 46 attempts in the first round of all Grand Slam events that she has entered, Williams created history by losing her great first round record at the Slams going down in a stunning upset to the world No.111, French veteran Virginie Razzano 6-4, 6-7, 3-6.

The other William’s sister Venus has also departed the championships at Roland Garros, her 2nd round defeat at the hands of Agnieszka Radwanska has created even more history, it marks the first time in 43 major championships in which both Williams sisters have participated that neither player has made it to the third round, while Venus’ result against the in-form Radwanska was way less surprising than her more fancied younger sister it is certainly confirmation that a new age of women’s tennis is now upon us.

Most tennis pundits and fans alike are expecting even more history to be made in the men’s singles final of these championships, many people, including me, have predicted that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will go head to head in the final match at Roland Garros in 2012 to see which man will re-write the history books and take their place among the greats of the game, of course Federer and a few other fine players are hoping to prevent a Rafa versus Nole final in Paris but the Spaniard certainly looks like being an odds on favourite to at least make the final once again.

If a men’s singles final between Rafa and Nole does eventuate then the winner will certainly be smiling for more reasons than just winning another major championship, it would be Nadal’s 11th major victory and Djokovic’s 6th if either are successful in Paris but the victor would also take his place in history amongst the greats of the game. Nadal would break the modern day era record of six French Open titles he currently shares with Swedish legend Bjorn Borg while Djokovic would become only the third man in history behind Don Budge and Rod Laver to have won all four Grand Slam titles consecutively, the Serb and current world No.1 would also complete a career Grand Slam by winning the Coupe Des Mousquetaires (The Musketeers’ Trophy) in Paris, he would join the “magnificient seven” of Fred Perry, Budge, Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Nadal who have previously achieved the feat.

They say records are made to be broken and history is made to be re-written, we may well get to see both on the final day of an exciting 2012 championships at Roland Garros!

Written by: Tono

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Dragan says:
May 31, 2012

I’m not sure about new age of women’s tennis.New age in a way that some new players like Azarenka and Radwanska have emerged as stars, yes.But both Serena and especially Sharapova are proving that old champions are still capable for great titles.
There are many competitive female players who can surprise anybody, and that is, I think, great for the sport.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Roger Federer, I must admit, it’s nice that he is not planing to retire in the age of 30.
It will be very interesting to see what can he do in Wimbledon playing this well.Also he said few times that Olimpics are his big goal, and the fact that it’s going to be played on the Wimbledon courts will increase his chances.IMO.

Djokovic sure deserves to capture both season, and if that is not possible, then caeer Grand Slam.
He is a great champion, and I believe that he will manage to do that, and have many mare GS titles.

Tono says:
Jun 1, 2012

I agree that Serena and Maria are still capable of winning the big events but they no longer dominate like they once did…and I also agree that there are quite a few competitive women players on the tour now too, the big question is will someone like Azarenka start to dominate the women’s game in the next few years like Serena once did?

You know where I think Roger sits in the overall scheme of things, it will be interesting to watch Novak continue his quest for more GS Titles this year and in season’s to come, he definitely has more major titles in him I think, I wonder how many??

dv2jus says:
Jun 1, 2012

Your message…love u tono!

dv2jus says:
Jun 3, 2012

I must say this though my friend Tono. All players had to play on the same surface. Whether blue, grey, orange or pink. Bumpy, brittle, slick or soft. Methinks the best thing for the players to do is to enjoy the game, keep the whining to a minimun zero, and have a good tournament. I can go to a tournament as #1 or #2 in the world, or as #500, and if I lose I can blame the surface, the sun, the weather or the stars. I think the best thing to do is to shake my opponents hand and thank them for the wonderful match instead of blaming the surface we all played on. This is the main issue why NO ONE IN HISTORY can quite come to be compared with Federer. Maybe as my wife’s father (Nathan) would say, ASHE, or the like as my father would say the same, that one will never hear the likes of ASHE or Federer blaming one thing or another for losing. This is something that only the weakest of a champion or better said, A NON GENTLEMAN! will do. The game we play is not about the color of the court or the brand of the shoes. The color of one’s dress, or the location of the court, but merely the only one essence of gladiators in time that participate in the only sport left in which gladiators shake hands at the net after battling tooth and nail to determine the winner! in my Opinion…..WHO NEEDS ANYTHING ELSE. :-) VAMOS

Adunar says:
Jun 4, 2012

Well I know Sharapova’s been on the tour for a long time but she’s not very old, she just turned 25! I believe she will win each GS once. 2012 might just be her year at Roland Garros ;-)

It could be interesting to have three of the greatest players of all time at the same time. Federer being the all-time best at GS with 16 titles (an maybe more?), Nadal the best ever on clay at Roland Garros with a GS career at only 24, Novak could be the first one since Rod Laver to hold the 4 GS at the same time…

Those three achievements are very different and all spectacular. But Novak needs to win RG this year if he wants to be part of this. I believe he will win more GS titles but rather on hard courts. Melbourne suits him VEry well. But I don’t think he will reach a double digit in his whole career. Or win RG once. If he stays under the double digit with no RG, he will be like a McEnroe, Lendl, Becker or Wilander which is already VERY good.

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