The Murray Mystery

Sep 12, 2011

This story is getting boring. I’ve written it heaven knows how many times. I’ve read the articles and I’ve heard the opinions, I’ve watched the matches and I have formed my own. And although I am never, ever surprised, I can hardly be forthcoming with my reasons as to why I’m not shcked. Perhaps it’s just because I find the guy very unlikeable as a player, but there is something more than that. I still don’t know what it is. But whatever I or anyone else feels, the results are always the same; Murray can’t turn excellent effort into grand slam wins.

Following his defeat to Rafael Nadal in the semi finals, the usual voices came out of the following silence to stymie the flow of questions. The advice of pundits and his supporters became desperate excuse-making long ago. Now it is just plain strange. Andy Murray is Britain’s number one and is in the number 4 position worldwide. That has just never translated into Grand Slam wins. It has been years since everybody earmarked Murray as a top contender. No results to show for it in terms of Grand Slam all these years later, and there is definitely trouble afoot. Why is it happening though>

Mental attitude? That might be a problem. Murray has the weight of a nation on his shoulders, a nation known for being unbearably oppressive, overzealous, and not actually that genuinely supporting. There is nothing as cold as a British cold shoulder.

Coach? That has also been an issue. But, it has been an issue that has risen and then resolved itself. Coaches are a contentious problem for any player, but when they work results show. Murray seems to get Masters tournament results and impressive (but not trophy-winning) placings at grand slams, with or without a stable coach at the time. His form is equally up and down. One minute he can beat the best, the next he is beaten by a player nobody knew existed.

Is it the nickname? Let’s face it, Muzza is hardly an inspiring thing to hear being shouted from the stands. Nor, in fact, is ‘Tim’, which he gets called a few times at every single grand slam.

So what is it about Andy Murray that means he fails to get beyond the semi finals – on average – and a final every once in a while? You will have to help me here, because I am still clueless. Maybe it is something much more important; maybe it is the people around him, his own idea of himself as a player.

Whatever the problem is, I am going to throw a wobbler the next time I hear the phrase ‘this is Murray’s year’. It is not his year until he starts to get the results. It isn’t Roger or Rafa’s or Nole’s year until the results start pouring in. They have earnt their right to be exalted, to be named as one of the players who have ‘a year’; the players that dominate so much that a whole calendar year can ‘belong’ to them. Murray hasn’t earnt that yet. Maybe Murray just needs to be given the room to have some humility and understand he has a long way to go before he actually reaches the same sorts of dizzying heights as his fellow top 4. Perhaps we should stop mentioning Murray in the same breath as Roger, Rafa and Novak.

Murray has lost his chance for a title this year – despite some pretty near misses – and a new year will begin soon enough. It just won’t be ‘Murray’s year’. Not until he has earnt it.

-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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Dragan says:
Sep 13, 2011

It’s not a simple question Sophie but I will try to say it in a couple of words:He’s just not good enough.As everybody is saying we are witnessing the golden era of the mens tennis,in the sense that competition was never this strong.Until this year we had Nadal and Federer who where dominante,and as we all saw,in order to beat them you just have to play like Novak,IMO that is the new level of tennis.I don’t think that Murray can manage that,unfortunutly for him and the British I think ever.

I have listen some tennis experts who are saying that a counter puncher like Murray can hardly ever win a major.Becouse it’s a long tournament where everybody is 100% fit,and he will always bump in to some aggressive player like Novak who will blow him off the court.I’m not an expert but this sounds logical to me.

And one more thing.You have really put a smile on my face with that nickname reason. :)

Tono says:
Sep 25, 2011

Your message…
Totally agree with you Sophie :)
There are so many Andy Murray supporters out there who consistently say right before a Grand Slam commences that “It is his time”…how many times do they have to say that before they realise that its not!
Currently Andy Murray will go down in history as one of, if not the best tennis players to have never won a Grand Slam…I for one hope that he does one day win at least one GS and get the monkey off his back.
The fact he is playing in an era where there are arguably 3 of the greatest players of all time doesn’t help his cause either…he seems to do so well at the Masters events, he has to find a way to translate that inner confidence from those Masters victories to help him pick up a major.
He probably has another 4 years before he will almost be past his that’s another 16 opportunities to try and silence the doubters and win one of these GS Titles…he will need some luck with the draw in my opinion and maybe an injury to one or two of his toughest rivals could also help ;)
I wish him well, but like you have said, I’m not going to suggest that 2012 will be the year of Andy Murray….not until he has earnt it!

Jan 13, 2012

I guess it is just not meant to be for murray to win a major i mean look at his records in grand slams
1.The 2008 Wimbledon, I mean really??? it looked like roger was playing in the second or third round :) .
2. The 2010 Aussie open… again it seemed like federer was in an exhibition match. ;)
3. We don’t even need to talk about last years final

Jan 15, 2012

Your message…Sorry i meant the 2008 us open.. :o )

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