Men’s quarter finals

Jul 1, 2011

We’ve had an exciting couple of days with both sides of the tournament, but this time it was the men’s turn to shine at Wimbledon. The battle to get into the semi finals caused quite a stir, with one of the top four being knocked out.

Of course, you will all know by now that that player was one Roger Federer. Out of the top four, there were others whom I thought would be more likely to be sent out before the semi finals. Andy Murray could have been crippled by nerves, for example, and Novak Djokovic is hardly his most comfortable on grass. After Rafael Nadal’s injury you might also consider him as a potential candidate to be knocked out ‘early’. But no, it was Roger Federer, and even Jo-Wilfried Tsonga appears to be still reeling from his performance and victory over a man who is a legend at Wimbledon.

Federer is surprisingly upbeat after his defeat, saying with a smile that he still has a lot left in him and he is looking forward to the rest of the year. Either he is very good at putting on a front or he is genuinely quite happy, and I would probably agree with the latter. Federer has definitely broken into a new relaxed – although not laid back or lazy – part of his career, where cramming in as many wins as possible just isn’t the top of his agenda. Tsonga was, unsurprisingly, beaming in the post match interviews.

Tsonga will now play Djokovic, who beat the new pretender Tomic. Tomic has had a superb run, with the 18 year old making waves in the men’s tournament just like he used to in the junior’s.  But coming up against a player who recently broke records with his winning match run, was unsurprisingly just one step too far. Still, he took a set of Djokovic, and that has to be applauded. Some may be surprised by the drop of a step by Djokovic, but with Tomic being such a new player it is not surprising that Nole had a difficult time figuring out his opponents game. Tomic is still young and wild when it comes to his game plan, and that obviously knocked Djokovic for ten a few times. He made it through though, and is confident about his meeting with Tsonga, who he beat to win his first Australian Open title.

Mardy Fish put up a resistance against Rafael Nadal, but it wasn’t enough and the world number one swept into the semi finals 6-3 6-3 5-7 6-4. He admits that his ankle is still hurting him and that he still struggles, but he seemed confident about his match up with Andy Murray. Murray beat Feliciano Lopez in straight sets and played with confidence in his quarter final match, but he has a groin niggle that refuses to go away. Since Nadal has his own body niggle, this might be the most even match the two have played.

Djokovic and Tsonga are up first, playing at 1300 local time. Then we will know at least one half of the finals we are in store for, which I am sure will be epic whatever the combination.

-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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