Clijsters Does it Again

Jan 29, 2011

Kim  Clijsters has won her first Grand Slam title outside of the US, beating Li Na in the final earlier on today 3-6 6-3 6-3. It took a lot to beat Na, who made a strong start to her match, putting Clijsters on the back foot almost instantly. She dominated in the first set, rarely letting Clijsters get into her stride, and was rewarded with a 3-6 win.

But the second set Clijsters finally managed to wrangle back her game, and she started to inch her way ahead as Li’s error count increased. Although it seemed possible Na might fight her way back into the set and deal the deciding blow, she just didn’t have enough in her to finish off Clijsters. The next set was a game of nerves as Clijsters held on to her service games, and when she broke Na it started to become clear that she was heading to her third Grand Slam title.

Clijsters had been beaten in an Australian Open final back in 2004, but none of that seemed to matter as she stood on the brink of winning the title. She close out the championship game to love, and collapsed in what looked like relief on the championship point. Clijsters was tearful and emotional, but couldn’t have enough good things to say about her opponent. She admitted that it had been tense, and that Na had wrong footed her the whole way through.

Clijsters has now won three Grand Slams since returning from retirement. The strangest part of all is that she had only won one before retirement. Better post-retirement than pre-retirement? Apparently it can happen. Clijsters now moves to world number 2 after winning two back to back Grand Slams. Winning at Flushing Meadows and Melbourne means that she is within shooting distance of the world number one spot.

I think this won’t be the last title that Clijsters gets her hands on; but also I highly doubt that this is the last time we will see Li Na. She has been slowly progressing through the last few Grand Slams, and after her Australian Open form she will be considered top competition for the other players to look out for.

-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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