Predictions for the year ahead…

Feb 1, 2010

·         Roger Federer will get one more Grand Slam: one is as far as I am willing to go. After del Potro beat him in the US Open and Andy Roddick came so close at Wimbledon last year, I get the feeling there are too many strong competitors to the Grand slam titles for him to comfortably get the next three.

·         Juan Martin del Potro will get a Grand Slam, and will get a girlfriend by the end of the year: I’ll go out on a limb with this one and say either the French or the US Open. Radical, I know. I just don’t think we’ve seen the end of this guy, despite all the murmurs after his Australian Open performance. Hopefully, when his wrist is back in shape, he can go on to capitalise what happened at the end of last year. And yes, it is painful to admit(mostly because it won’t be me), but I believe there is a woman out for our Delpo, and he will meet her before the year is through after making that announcement of his single status during the ATP World Tour Finals. He was obviously feeling the pain at the end of last year to be the only man in the top 5 without a rumoured girlfriend at the very least.

·         Rafael Nadal will come back fighting: yes, so his entire body is falling to pieces, but I don’t think we have seen the last of old Rafa. There will be another Federer/Nadal final at some point during the year, I can feel it…

·         Kim Clijsters will play Justine Henin in a Grand Slam final: I’m not sure if this is what I think will happen or what I want to happen. But with Justine Henin already been in a Grand Slam final and Clijsters having already won the US Open, things look promising. Which one would you root for?

The predictions I daren’t make:

·         Andy Murray will get a Grand Slam: I just don’t know. I’m not sure I am ready to make that leap of faith that Muzza fans made two years ago. Also, I don’t feel quite ready to subscribe to the Mania. Maybe this time next year I could predict it with some conviction, but even after a Grand Slam final performance against Roger Federer, I just can’t see it happening…

·         Serena Williams will get the Grand Slam: after what happened at the US Open, it just doesn’t feel safe to predict Serena to do anything. She certainly knows how to stir things up, and who knows what shape or form that will take this year.


Does anyone have any of their own predictions for the year ahead? We’re only one Grand Slam into the proceedings, after all.


My Final Favourite Twit:

Will this ground-breaking feature appear at the French Open? Who knows, but if I don’t get my act together to remember to add it to the end of the blog, probably not.

Still, I thought I would add my final, favourite Tweet from the last two weeks:

Bryanbros: Fun night partying with @serenajwilliams and the crew. She really owned that dancefloor. Running on fumes now. Hooray for 24hr McDonalds.

Good job they had already won the doubles title at the Australian Open.

Written by: SophieG

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