Wonder Women

Jan 26, 2010

It’s not too often that the top ranked women’s players are the ones causing stirs at tournaments. Although there have been a few major crashes at this 2010 Open, most of the top players are hanging on there. But there are two players that have been a real inspiration to watch. Two Wonder Women, that have really shone so far in the tournament. And funnily enough, they are about to play each other in the semi-finals; I couldn’t have asked for anything more thrilling to take place in the women’s tournament, which by this point can become a little stale and boring without these sorts of players to liven things up.

Jie ZhengThis is her second grand slam semi-final, and appeared to flare from obscurity at Wimbledon 2008, where she reached her first semi-final. Zheng is as scrappy as she is ruthless, with a movement around the court that makes getting a shot past her seem impossible. What impresses me most about Zheng is that she is one of the many fantastic women’s players who go into tournaments unseeded and yet do as well – or better – than the seeded ones. Clijsters demonstrated a similar dogged determination when she won the US Open. Zheng is very much on the rise at every tournament; it won’t be long before she moves away from being the unseeded surprise and becomes a top regular. She beaten Maria Kirilenko in her quarter final match 6-3 6-1, becoming the first Chinese woman to make a Grand Slam semi-final. She was clinical and aggressive, and a crumpling and injury-worried Kirilenko could not hold her own against her. Zheng now plays her ‘third favourite player’ Justine Henin. And look who happens to be my second Wonder Woman of the tournament…


Justine HeninYes, Henin is still in the tournament and putting away the doubts about her return to the game. Not that I think there were many. She has been playing at a consistently high standard since her return this year, and has been giving a Clijsters a run for her money for the title of ‘Favourite Comeback Queen’. Henin has ploughed her way through the competition to reach the semi-finals, taking no prisoners along the way. She came through to the semis by defeating Nadia Petrova. In their post match interviews, the two beaten quarter finalists could have been describing either Henin or Zheng. The two are both aggressive, quick movers, with a varied weaponry of shots. Justine Henin has a longer history at succeeding at this level than Zheng, but who knows how much it will count in this perfect head-to-head for the finals place.


I have criticised the women’s tournaments in the past for being rather staid and uneventful. Williams vs. Williams, eyes a-boggling at Maria Sharapova, but it’s when players like Henin and Zheng come through that I am reminded of how much I do enjoy to watch it. I can only hope players like them can continue to make the game exciting for the rest of the year and beyond and, who knows, maybe grab a Grand Slam title along the way.

My Favourite Twit

Caroline Wozniacki: “Just came back from dinner with the twin towers Querrey/Isner. Steve Smith didn’t make it anyways, but we had a fun dinner”

Now that would be a sight, a silhouette of three people heading to dinner: on the right, John Isner standing at 2.06m, on the left Sam Querrey at 1.98m, and then in the middle Wozniacki at 177m. The heights of the players today beggars belief sometimes.

- SophieG 


Written by: SophieG

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