Comebacks galore

Aug 13, 2009

So there’s been a number of comebacks this week at the Montreal Masters.

Apart from the doubles loss with Ross Hutchins against Jurgen Melzer and Jeff Coetzee, Murray has maintained sparkling form. He breezed through his first round  singles match and only moments ago blasted past David Ferrero in the second round 6-3 6-1. This is Murray’s comeback after a break since Wimbledon. If he wins at Montreal, or reaches the semi-finals whilst Nadal goes out in the second round, then he will take the number two spot away from the Majorcan. I still don’t understand how that can happen when the guy has never won the Grand Slam, but that’s just me I suppose…

Speaking of Rafael Nadal, he is continuing to make a good and comforting return to the sport. He looked to be back on top form in his doubles match with fellow Spaniard Francesco Roig to beat Novak Djokovic and partner Dusan Vemic. He didn’t appeared to be bogged down or particularly worried about the tendinitis that has plagued his knees since the French Open. In fact the match was quite a quick affair.

Rafa did seem to hit the reality of coming back from such a long break after his first round singles match, however. His opponent retired from injury when Nadal was 3-4 down. His form was not terrible by any means, but he was shaky at times and although he obviously needs more time to get back into the swing of things, he has given some good indications he won’t be whitewashed for the rest of the season.

Federer will be returning after a rest and some paternity leave after the birth of his twin baby girls. Those who wander about Federer’s ability to cope with both fatherhood and a world no. 1 position to maintain will soon find out; his first match is on Tuesday against Canadian Frederic Niemeyer. 

Andy Roddick had an easy and speedy win over Russian Igor Andreev, 6-1 7-6 and looking good after the hip injury sent him into a recovery break after the exhausting Wimbledon final.

Juan del Potro went through with similar ease. This isn’t long after he defended his Washington Title from the advances of Andy Roddick.


-          SophieG


Written by: SophieG

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