‘Shock exit’ doesn’t even cover it…..

May 31, 2009

A dark veil has fallen over my room as I sit here, writing. The sun is shining gloriously outside but here I am, moping over my desk.

And why?


Rafael Nadal was beaten by Robin Soderling today in one of the most tense matches I have ever had the displeasure/delight of watching. I’m still a little in shock; writing this probably even before Rafa has time to contemplate things in the locker room.


Every sports website/channel/blooger  has practically wet thenselves; if Nadal won’t take the title then who will? Suddenly the world seems such an unsure place. If not Nadal, then maybe it truly is Federer’s time. But now the title is really up for grabs who knows what might happen; Verdasco, Monfils, or even Soderling himself?


The phrase to describe the glee over here in England is  ‘cringe-worthy’. Now the golden boy Nadal has gone, maybe Murray will come through? Maybe, maybe if we hope and pray….


Well if he wins the French Open 2009 I don’t think I’ll be able to see the world in quite the same way ever again.


On top of all this, Ana Ivanovic is out. What with the combination of Rafa’s defeat, my only sure woman’s prediction also making a quick exit, Murray through over Nadal and the sun shining gloriously in England in May, I keep getting the feeling I’m about to wake up from one of those cheese-induced psychodelic dreams.


It wasn’t a complete failure on Nadal’s part, but that’s little comfort in the long dark days for every Rafael Nadal fan as they huddle against the chill of the shadow of defeat. At times he was his usual stunning self, other times you wondered whether you were watching the same player.


Congratulations to Robin Soderling, after all that he certainly deserved everything. It was bound to happen one day. Weirdly enough despite my prediction that Rafael Nadal would win I did remark on one thing that turned out to be true: that a King can be always be usurped. Looks like today was the day, and Soderling deserves the credit.


This French Open just got impossibly more exciting….


You will be missed Rafa, the French Open won’t be the same without you.  



- SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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