Mar 27, 2009

A week or so ago, the Chairman of the IPL announced that the tournament would not be played in India. Security was the main issue; what with the Sri Lankan cricket team being so viciously attacked in Lahore earlier this month, India felt they would not be able to provide the right level of security needed for the high profile tournament to take place in the country. So it’s happening in South Africa – I have to say England were a tad put out; we’re the first to admit that our weather is rubbish, but still…

Anyway, the same seems to be happening for India’s tennis. Yesterday Tennis Australia claimed that it wanted the Davis Cup tie match with India to be moved away from India and held elsewhere. The International Tennis Federation is doing its own security report to make sure that it’s either safe or unsafe, and until then there won’t even begin to look at any other possibilities.

You can understand why Australia has some concerns. On top of the cricket incident, a violent attack in Mumbai at the beginning of the year killed around one hundred people at two luxury hotels in the city. There’s also the fact that – once again this year – tennis has been proved not to be immune to the world of politics. Two players (Andy Ram and Shahar Peer) were not allowed to play in the Dubai after the United Arab Emirates denied them a visa. In the end, Ram – who played a role in Israeli’s Davis Cup Team – was eventually granted a visa but played under heavy security.

So politics has been proven to affect the sporting world too. It’s a shame. As if politics isn’t dragged into every other aspect of our lives, it’s now harpooning our sport? Of course it always has done. But now it feels much more prolific. To be on the safe side, nations are starting to pull out before anything happens; it seems like nobody wants to trust countries with any contentious current issues related to it. Just in case.

Are policies like this going to make tennis more safe? Or just more boring. If players can’t get to certain countries to play tournaments just because of their own nationality, then I’m erring on the side of boring.


-          Sophie G




Written by: SophieG

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